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Svenska Spel strengthens
its responsible gaming

Svenska Spel and ICU Intelligence have signed a contract whereby Svenska Spel purchases all shares in Playscan AB, a newly-formed fellow subsidiary of ICU Intelligence.
Playscan AB has previously acquired the remaining rights and assets relating to the technology behind the gaming tool "Playscan" which Svenska Spel does not already own.

- The acquisition of Playscan AB collates expertise and technology for Playscan and gives us better opportunities to further develop Playscan?s functionality and application in new areas of the gaming market.
- It also gives us greater capacity to continue the development of our gaming responsibility and our community commission at large. This deal is important for Svenska Spel and it is extremely pleasing that it's in the bag, says Meta Persdotter, CEO, Svenska Spel.

Playscan AB becomes a subsidiary of the Svenska Spel group and will be built up as
an operational company with both internal and external customers.
Svenska Spel will appoint directors and managers for the company and formulate owner directives and management regulations.

The close collaboration with the Swedish Gaming Institute, which mainly develops the cognitive model as well as the communication with the players of Playscan, will continue and be intensified.

Ann-Sofie Olsson, previously Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility & Public Affairs for the company, has now been appointed as the new acting CEO of Play Scan AB with the role as acting Information Director at Svenska Spel.

Playscan is the only predictive gaming responsibility tool on the gaming market, i.e.,it can alert the player of potentially adverse changes in their play before the player develops problematic behaviour.

Playscan uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analysis, a method that will be used more and more in the future CRM system. Playscan?s AI core analyses and finds patterns in large amounts of gambling-related transaction data.

By running dataagainst behavioural models for known problematic gambling behaviour, it doesn't only identify current gaming problems but also forecasts the risk of future problematic behaviour, thus preventing it in the future.

- Playscan is the basis for ongoing communication with the players about their
gambling habits. The traditional tools available which allow players to test and analyse their gambling behaviour only give a snapshot of risky behaviour.
- With Playscan players can monitor their gambling behaviour and implement measures if
the gaming habits change, says Meta Persdotter.

If problematic behaviour is identified Playscan offers recommendations and tools
(including a gambling budget and breaks from gambling) that will help players to change their behaviour and continue to play safely.
Playscan is voluntary and is now used by more than 41,000 customers of Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel licences Playscan to other gaming operators with a strong responsible
gaming commitment. Currently, the French La Française des Jeux offers Playscan to their customers and even the Swedish "Miljonlotteriet" are introducing Playscan in their activities.

Background Playscan
Playscan cooperation was launched back in 2006 between the promoters Svenska Spel, ICU Intelligence and the Swedish Gaming Institute.
ICU Intelligence has developed the predictive element of the tool using Data Mining, a technology based on more than 25 years of research at Chalmers.

The technique is used for different
solutions and services in the Internet gaming industry. The Swedish Gaming Institute is a privately owned knowledge-based company specialising in responsible gaming.

The Swedish Gaming Institute has developed a number of gaming responsible products, including interactive courses, self-tests and tools to support the players.

For more information contact:
Meta Persdotter, CEO Svenska Spel, Tel 070-591 91 81.
Johan Tisell, Public Relations Officer, Svenska Spel, Tel 070-322 55 21.

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