Sports betting

Sports-based gaming consists of Oddset and the football-based Stryktipset, Europatipset, Måltipset and Topptipset. They can be played at retailers, on and to some extent via mobile phone. This gaming category has been hit hardest by competition from foreign Internet-based gaming companies.

Net gaming revenue for sports gaming in 2010 closed at  SEK 1,440 million (1,477), accounting for some 15 % (15) of Svenska Spel’s total net gaming revenue.

The Oddset game family – joint name for such games as Lången, Matchen, Bomben, Mixen and Powerplay – is the most popular sports gaming form. This offers an extensive range of choices. The player can bet on fixed odds (which apply from the start of the match to the end result), moving odds (that change as the stakes flow in) and also on live gaming during which the odds are set during the progress of the match. Match objects are drawn from a variety of sports, but primarily football and ice hockey.

Total net gaming revenue from Oddset in 2010 increased 3.1 % from the preceding year. However, this does not preclude certain parts of Oddset having a relatively low market share as result of competition from foreign-based Internet gaming companies who work under substantially more favourable terms. On specific portions of the fixed-odds market, Svenska Spel has a share of about 25 % and in the live market (gaming in real time during a match/competition in progress) Oddset does not attain more than 6–7 % of the market share.

During 2010, the Olympic Games and the World Cup contributed to success for Oddset. The selection range for Lången was extended to 198 match objects and Powerplay (ice-hockey gaming) was extended to a greater number of occasions during the week. More gaming objects for Matchen and extended live gaming also received a positive response from players. Meanwhile, checks and risk management in respect of Oddset gaming were improved significantly. A number of match results favoured Svenska Spel, which also contributed to the positive revenues in 2010.

Net gaming revenue for the Stryktipset football coupon has declined over a number of years, and the trend continued in 2010. Hopefully, the increase in payback from 46 % to 65 %
will reverse the trend in the foreseeable future, since the gross revenue rose sharply following the superior payback rate. The measures led to a twofold increase for 13 correct matches on the coupon. At the same time, a guarantee was introduced for players who are alone in getting 13 correct on the Stryktipset coupon. In 2010, a total of as many as 23 SEK 1 million winnings were paid out by Svenska Spel.

In addition to Swedish players, the Stryktipset and Europa pool includes players from Iceland. The trend for Måltipset is negative, while Europatipset – which was also subject to a higher payback – and Topptipset, which was introduced in 2007, reported continuing healthy growth.